11 Wine Apps You Should Consider Downloading!

wine-cell-phoneWho doesn’t love a nice glass of wine nowadays, but choosing the right bottle or trying to pair it with food can be tricky, but in this technology age, we’re in luck! As they say…there’s an app for that.

So without further ado, here are the 12 best wine apps you should consider downloading to your smartphone!


The first one on my list is a simple app to help save you some cash. The Wine-Search App!

WINE-SEARCHER APPwine-searcher-app

My number one goal is to get a great wine, but a close second is to get a great wine at a great price. Wine-Searcher is a huge website that now has its own app to help you instantly compare pricing on just about any bottle of wine you are thinking about buying! No more impulse buying and overpaying for a bottle of wine!

WineSimple APP

Okay, this next one is really cool. WineSimple quizzes you on some of your favorite foods and beverages (which is actually fun by the way) and then you get recommendations based on your taste profile!



This is one app that you can’t go without. It actually has a wine label recognition software that allows you to simply snap a photo and let the app go to work. It will find you reviews, prices, and ratings in an instant!wine-quick-picks-app



Now, this app is a great if you enjoy exploring wines, but aren’t sure where to start. It has a bunch top lists, for example you can even look up the best wines at each store to help you decide. How cool!?

VIVINO WINE SCANNERvivino-wine-app-logo

This is another great wine label scanner app, but one really cool thing about Vivino is that you can go back and rate the wines once you tried and much like Netflix recommending movies based on your previously ratings, this recommends you wine!




Cor.kz app has over two million wine tasting notes so you can scan your wine and with utmost certainty known what kind of flavor profile it has. Need I say more!?

Now, if you want to keep track of every wine you drink, check out this next app:


A fabulous pairing app, for those of us who love wine but really LOVE wine with dinner!


If you are looking for more than just pairing suggestions or pricing comparisons and want to take your wine game to a whole new level, the Wine Coach is worth checking out.

Laurie Forster has tons of videos, podcasts, and wine picks to help you navigate the endless sea of bottles at the store.

If you are really looking to become that wine specialist, you’ll have to put in some time and dedication and really invest in yourself by watching and listening to all this great information!



Guurgle-app-logoGuurgle APP

If you are looking to explore the famous California wine regions by searching for wines, grapes, specific wineries, reviews, and even events, than Guurgle is the one for you.

I’m not a big wine event guy myself, but they sure do look fun. If you love events and local wineries, Guurgle is a must!



If you a newbie wine drinker and want to start getting your feet wet, I’d recommend Plonk as an easy choice. A wonderful free app that everyone can enjoy!




I am loving the Blush app, first and foremost, because it helps me find a good wine under $10! Now, who doesn’t love that? Come on now, we’re all on a budget. I use Blush to help me find those hidden gems of a wine that you wouldn’t necessary know by name because they are from small, cared for local batches!


And that’s it! I’m sure more and more apps will come out that can compete with these so shoot me an email or leave a comment here with your favorite selections

Oh and also, if you are thinking about trying a wine club (A great way to open your eyes to delicious wines from around the world at amazing prices) take a look at our top five list:


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