12 Wine of the Month Clubs & 1 Wine Bucket Challenge!

Here we go, we’re about to do it real big right now with 12 wine of the month clubs, not 10, not 8, but 12 quality options to pick from. I’ve tried every club out there and compiled this list that will make you want to pop open a bottle of vino immediately!

This page will start with my very top favorites but don’t you worry, all 12 are great companies and no matter what option you choose, you’ll most likely end up satisfied, this will just help you choose the PERFECT choice.

Alright, let’s not waste anymore time and dive into this list! Drum roll please……………

#1. Club W

Let’s start with a wine club that’s really impressed me, Club W. They run a three bottle per shipment club with the option to increase to six bottles (free shipping with six) if desired. They’re priced at $37/shipment which is just $13 per bottle. Also, for new customers, you’ll get one bottle free. Your shipment will come with tasting notes about your wine and you can skip a shipment anytime.


One of the best things about this company is their interactive website which actually asks you six questions to determine your palate profile and make the most accurate wine suggestions. And if you don’t like their suggestions, you can choose the wines you want anyway!

Click to Visit Club W

#2. Wine of the Month Club

The one, the only, the ORIGINAL. The original Wine of the Month Club. Another one of my top choices, featuring two bottles monthly for the low, low price of $21.95. The owner of the company is directly involved with choosing each month’s selections ensuring you get nothing but quality wines. Also, your first shipment will come with a FREE wine accessory as a special gift for joining.


And you can use the code “review” for $10 off on your order!

Visit Wine of the Month Club

#3. Laithwaites Wine Club

Now, this one operates a little bit different which is kind of cool. They send shipment every three months, in twelve bottle increments, so it averages out to four bottles a month. I like this because you only pay shipping costs four times a year instead of twelve times. You’ll get a handy binder with your first shipment which you can keep adding pages to which come with each shipment. Pages with information about each wine. This way you’ll never forget what you’ve drank and liked and might want to re-order.


Also, they always have their free gift promotion running which gives you a free corkscrew with your initial shipment. Oh and right, the price, they do $5.84/bottle for the first shipment, which is $69.99, then $139.99 for 12 bottles after, very competitive pricing.

Click Here for Laithwaites

#4. Cellars Wine Club

Cellars has a few different club options, but let’s discuss their most popular, the Premium Wine Club. They offer a two bottle option for $39. The wines are really top notch and will impress just about anybody. It also would make a great gift, I thoroughly enjoyed the newsletter that came with my shipment. It’s not the cheapest wine club, but splurging on others is a must!


Oh, I have a coupon as well, enter FREESHIP when checking out and you’ll get free shipping on your order.

Head over to Cellars Wine Club

#5. Gold Medal Wine Club

Gold Medal is a domestic wine club which has a few different options starting at $37 and going up to their $179 dollar 90+ shipments. When I tried them, I enjoyed the Wine Press publication that came with the order and thought the quality was impressive. They have a Pinot Noir club, international club, and more which makes for a lot of cool options if giving this as a gift.


Oh and enter “FREESHIP” to receive free shipping on your first shipment!

Visit the Gold Medal Site

#6. California Wine Club

California is known for it’s wine, probably the best wines in the nation so it makes sense there is a club named after the wine state. For $39.95 you get two bottles per shipment, shipping is not included but below I have a special deal for my readers to get an extra discount!


This company is offering a 50 percent discount on your order, clicking the link takes you to their offer page.

Go to the Cali Wine Club

#7. 90+ Point Wine Club

Cellars also offers a special 90 point plus club. If you are unfamiliar with what 90 points means, it’s pretty simple. Anything generally 90 points or higher, rated by a professional wine sommelier, fetches a much higher price and has generally been aged a bit longer than others. It’s quality at its best. If you want to taste the best wines around, you’ll have to shell out for it, at $75 per shipment of two wines, but at least free shipping is included!


I would definitely buy this as a gift for someone. Not sure if I’d splurge for it for myself though!

Check out the 90+ Club

#8. Virgin Wines Explorer Club

This deal is virtually the same as the Laithwaites Club because they are both owned by the same company! Twelve bottles of wine, with a free gift, but different than the corkscrew of Laithwaites, this one will give you two Riedel wine glasses. If you don’t know much about Riedel, they are high end glasses which usually cost around $10-15 per glass!


I actually might order this one for myself to get my hands on these free wine glasses. They used to offer an electric corkscrew, but I’m feeling this glasses much more!

Click here to Visit Virgin Wines Club

#9. Wall Street Journal Wine Club

This club, abbreviated to WSJ Wine Club, offers a similar deal to Virgin Wines and Laithwaites because they to are owned by the same company. This was my first wine club almost a decade ago! They’ve been around the longest of any of the Direct Wines clubs. WSJ offers a free gift, twelve bottles of wine, and the same $69.99 initial shipment price point. If you’ve never joined one of these before this is a perfect first time to break you in!


Not sure if this is expired or not, but give it a try: 15% off with code: 3741002

The WSJ Club Website

#10. Uncorked Ventures

Wine gifts, baskets, AND clubs over at this company. Now, this is what I’m talking about, 90+ rated wines for an affordable $40 per shipment, which includes two bottles of wine. That’s nearly half of the club above for the same rated quality!


Oh, and enter “Fifteen” when checking out and you should get 15% OFF, which still should be valid, don’t yell at me if it’s not, but definitely try it out!

Visit Uncorked

#11. Plonk Wine Club

A few years ago, I lived right near the Plonk store front and was able to get my hands on a shipment of their wine. I received a mixed selection of two red and two whites, but you can also choose between that, all reds, or all whites. Two bottles for $49.99 monthly. Free corkscrew with first shipment. Free Shipping. And most importantly, all around top quality wine.


The cool thing about this company is it’s owner is in charge of picking all the wines, delivering a nice little touch of quality customer service.

Get the Plonk Wine Club

#12. Kosher Wine Club

If you are looking for a kosher club, you aren’t going to have a lot of options, well, this is kind of your only option! The good news is…the wines are great and it’s only $34.99 for their two bottle monthly shipments.


I don’t think they offer a white wine only club, so keep that in mind, but most people prefer the mixed packs, one white, one red.

Go Kosher!

AND 1 Wine Bucket Challenge


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