5 Wine New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is upon us and, I for one, hope that 2017 is going to be a great year. But whatever happens, I know I will be clinging to a bottle of wine during the downtimes. So, here’s my five top tips for wine related New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Learn More About Wine.


Hundreds of millions of people consume wine every day but a lot of them know hardly anything about what they are actually drinking! I used to be one of those people who thought the only decision was to choose between “red” or “white.” And hey, there is nothing wrong with that, BUT it can be a lot more fun to actually know what you’re tasting. There is a huge variety of flavors and aromas that each and every bottle has to offer. Start to see if you can notice the subtle hints of berry, pepper, pear, tobacco, blackcurrant, leather, coffee, vanilla, spices, and more! It all starts with a little practice.

2. Try Something New!

I’ve been guilty of this a lot myself and so are a lot of my friends. You find a bottle you like and you stick with it, buying it over and over again. This is fine, but don’t forget how fun it can be to mix in something new every once in awhile. Spice it up!

3. Pair Wine With a Fun Food.

wine-pairing-chartWe all know pairing your wine with dinner or with a snack can really make for a great experience. But, what I like to recommend is that you go a little crazy and drink your wine with a slice of pizza, maybe a plate of nachos, a bag of chips, or whatever your guilty pleasure is. Do what makes yourself happy. We all deserve a cheat day.

4. Moderation!

Although we all need a cheat day, it’s important that all resolution lists have a reminder to drink in moderation. Men should really only have 2 or fewer glasses a day and for women, just one. That’s still a LOT of wine that doctor’s say is okay for you to drink, so don’t worry, life is good!

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5. Share!

Most importantly, don’t hog wine all to yourself, call friends over, share, share, share! It’s an experience and the best experiences happen when you are with people you care about.

Happy New Year!


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