About Us

Where do I start? Well, I began getting into wine about 6-7 years ago. I started sampling different varieties, learning simple things like the different between a Merlot and a Syrah. Then, after hearing about my new found love of wine, my grandmother bought me a wine club! I loved the experience so much, of course I immediately waited two years before starting this site! :)

I really did love the wine club, but didn’t get the idea to start a site about it until I started making other websites from home and blogging. I started blogging about products, reviewing them, sharing discounts with people, before deciding to start an entire site just about wine clubs!

I used to operate this site under a different domain, but have since upgraded to a new domain name and a brand new website design as of April 2014. I only review wine clubs that I’ve tried. Some I’ve paid for, some I’ve gotten as gifts, and a lot were sent to me free from companies asking me to review them and put my thoughts on my website. That’s one of the coolest things about running a review site, sometimes you get freebies!

I’ll work hard to provide you with the very best reviews I can of all the major and minor clubs on the market to help you in your buying decision. Currently, I have a lot of photos of the shipments I’ve been sent to show you exactly what you’ll get and hopefully can even add video reviews soon as well.



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