Bringing Your Own Bottle of Wine to a Restaurant

Some restaurants overprice their wine so much or alternatively don’t have a good selection, so sometimes you just want to bring your own bottle! Let’s look at when this is acceptable and when you’ll have to leave your bottle at home.


First, when deciding to go to a restaurant that you want to bring wine to, check out their website! They might have a policy or notice about their wine bringing rules. Some places are entirely FREE!

byob-bring-your-own-wineBut, not always free.


Many places will likely charge a corkage free which is simply a small fee anywhere from like $5 all the way up to $75 in some cases. Why do they do this? Well, it’s their way of not losing or losing less on any revenue they would have made from you buying drinks.

If it’s a high cost like $75, they might just be discouraging you from bringing in your own wine or they are trying to make a little extra profit off of some wealthier customers. 

But, at least the waiter will open the bottle for you and provide wine glasses.

Why Would You Bring Your Own Wine?

Because it’s fun! Sometimes, you get a nice bottle of wine as a gift and you want to save it for a special occasion. Take it with you and share it among friends. Celebrate a new life milestone with a tasty vino!

Or if you are a wine expert, you might not care for the restaurant’s selection and prefer your own perfectly palate to only drink something you’ve carefully selected.

friends-drinking-wine-over-dinnerWhatever the case, it can be a fun experience to try at least once! Don’t be scared!

What Kind of Wine to Choose?

Well, there are tons of options to choose from. I’m the type of guy who says you can pair anything with anything. If you like white wine and are having a piece of red meat, don’t feel like you’re in the wrong, live life the way you want and enjoy it!

One fun way to try and bunch of wine options without having to pay a premium price is to try an international wine club which brings wine from all over the planet. I reviewed and selected the five most in demand wine clubs available here:

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