Christmas Wine Clubs – 3 Great Options to See

There is no better time to enjoy a glass of wine than Christmas! One thing I like to look for in the winter is a wine full of spice and flavor, it just fits the mood of the holidays.

So, on this site, I review all the wine clubs on the market, but in this article, I’ll dive into the best three options I think you have for giving as a gift and sending to people for the holidays.

First up is one of my big time favorites:

The Wine of the Month Club:

wine-of-the-month-clubPictured to the left, it comes with two bottles of wine, a newsletter with information about that wine, all packaged in a pretty red box that comes in the mail.

What I like about them most importantly is that it’s $21.95! A really solid deal. They also have a special gift giving club that comes with a card, free shipping, and a free wine accessory (like a corkscrew) which is priced at $37. If I was sending it as a present, that’s the option I’d probably pick.

You can also choose if you want two reds, two whites, or one of each which is a nice feature. Pretty affordable present and tasty wine.

Visit the Wine of the Month Club

cellars-wine-clubThe second option I would consider sending as a gift would be the:

Cellars Wine Club:

They have a Premium Club option for $39 which includes two bottles of wine, 2 reds, or 1 white, 1 red. Or for that red wine lover, I’d go with their Red Trio Club which is three reds at $55, both coming with free shipping which is great.

Of course, it comes with their newsletter as well detailing the wine regions, aromas, flavors, etc. A must have when giving this as a gift.

And also, just like Wine of the Month Club, you will get both international and domestic wines every month.

Visit the Cellars Wine Club

my-zagat-shipmentThe third club that I would strongly consider buying a present would be the:

Zagat Wine Club:

Now, this one is a little higher in price as $69.99 plus $20 for shipping, but it comes with 12 bottles of wine and a free pack of four wine classes for the first shipment.

You of course get the wine information as well, detailing the wine regions, food pairing options, and etc. And if you are okay with spending a little bit more, it seems to be a pretty awesome bang for your buck. Now, sending this to a wine snob type who only drinks $20 bottles of wine probably wouldn’t want this giant shipment and would prefer a smaller two bottle option. Not to say that this wine isn’t good, because I’ve tried it and it’s very good.

Visit the Zagat Wine Club

Christmas-wineIf you’re still not sure about any of these of my favorites choices, take a look at some of the other companies we have listed on this site.

You can get all kinds of options, clubs under $30, white wines only, red wines only, international only, west coast only, expensive collector wine clubs that range well over $100 a shipment.

Either way, have a great holiday, enjoy a great glass of wine, and always, be safe!

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