Drinking Too Much Wine – How Much is TOO Much?

Drinking Too Much Wine – How Much is TOO Much?

Yep, we’ve all done it, drank TOO much wine. But how much is too much? A headache in the morning might not mean you have too much, but if you find yourself knocking out a bottle a night, you might need to pump the brakes.

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Well, the American Heart Association says men should have not have more than 2 drinks a day, while women should not have more then 1 drink a day. But we all know that one drink is often not going to happen, especially when out with friends or at a social gathering. A few drinks is much more likely. But, if you do like to have 3, 5, or more drinks, you really should limit yourself to that only once a month, maybe even less for maximum health.

How can you decide? Well, checking your blood pressure, getting a physical, and getting a blood test can all help to ensure you have no health issues. If you are gaining weight or already overweight, it might be time to cut out the alcohol. If you haven’t had a check up in awhile, it might be time to schedule an appointment with your family physician. I know that sounds like a lame answer, but it really is true. The older you get, the more you should take care of yourself, not less.

However, if you are healthy, young, lead a relatively healthy lifestyle and stay active, I see no reason why enjoying a few drinks should ever be a concern.stop-drinking-wine


The number one way I cut back on drinking wine, or beer, or anything is just not buying it! Not keeping it around almost guarantees I won’t be drinking. I’m too lazy to run out and get some late at night. In addition to not buying it, I keep myself busy, with work or a hobby or a good television show. Getting out of your routine and doing something different helps take the mind off of wine.

Don’t find excuses to drink, find excuses NOT to drink.

OR work really heard to cut yourself off at one or two drinks. I know it can be tough. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes the decision to have another much easier, but you can fight the urge!

Also, money is a good motivator. Sit down, print out your bank statement, and add up everything you’ve spent each month at bars, the liquor store, and see how much cash you are throwing away on overpriced drinks!



If you feel you have an issue with drinking too much, too often, there are many free resources out there. A quick Google search led me to http://www.drugandalcoholhelpline.ca/ which has a free telephone line, chat, and email.

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