Drinking Wine on a Diet

Drinking Wine on a Diet


I’ve been on a pretty strict diet lately, trying to stay in shape, but I didn’t want to give up drinking all together, especially my weekly glass of wine, so let’s figure out if drinking wine will pack on the pounds, inhibit your progress, or not mess with your diet at all.

A Normal Serving of Wine Will Run You about 125 Calories…

Beer can often range from a 60 calorie light beer to well over 200 calories. When people add these calories to their diet, they often forget that they should find somewhere to cut the equivalent amount of your diet or you could be very well going over your diet’s calorie allowance.

Without getting too scientific, it’s common knowledge that when you drink alcohol, Fat-Bastard-Wineyou are consuming a lot of empty calories, are likely to binge eat some unhealthy food after drinking, and could be less likely to stick to a work out routine the next day if feeling hungover or even a little bit rundown from the night before since alcohol can make your sleep lower quality without you even realizing.

Also, Keep in Mind Men…

Alcohol can decrease your testosterone by over 20 percent which can make losing weight and staying tone more difficult. Fat is also more likely to be stored when drinking alcohol as well. Even though there is zero fat in wine, which is good, you still store fat from anything else you’re eating from the day.

However, many studies show that a glass of wine a night can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, and contain tons of antioxidants. And digesting alcohol, especially in women, requires the body to burn energy and a lot of it, which means burning calories.

Tons of Wine Studies…

Other studies show that women who drink more, eat less, which is another factor in deciding on feeling guilty when you pop that cork.

Studies have show that alcohol can pause your metabolism until it processes the alcohol.

Or do wine drinkers just live healthier lifestyles over beer drinkers and non-drinkers? I mean, I know I started drinking a little wine after hearing about the health benefits. I gave up beer mostly and made the switch. I’m just a health conscious person myself.

So, what does all this mean? If you are really serious about losing weight, I’d drink no more than one time per week tops and only consume two drinks or less, and no mixed drinks with soda or other sugary sweeteners which shoot the calorie counts through the roof. I’ll enjoy a glass of wine, a beer, or a whiskey on the rocks, are rarely have more than two in one night.

The Bad News Is…

if you’re not losing weight, you might have to give up alcohol for a few weeks and see if that could be the issue. You can easily consume an extra 40,000 calories in a year in drinks.

The Good News…

Many people can drink wine here and there without affecting their weight. I recommend you drink only a few glasses of wine a week, maybe less during active training or when trying to drop weight fast, and try to eat filling healthy foods earlier in the day, so you’re not starving after drinking and will run to your nearest fast food joint to pick up a burger!


Well, that’s it folks. Hope you enjoyed the article. If you are interested in a wine club, check out our homepage to see all of our reviews of the many options. :)

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