Can a Good Beer Compete with a Fine Wine? It’s Beer Vs. Wine!


We all know that wine is one of the classiest, fancy drinks out there, but can a good beer compete and be just as high class? Let’s dig in and find out!

Started From The Bottom, Now I’m Here

I started my beer drinking adventures over a decade ago when I tried some Bud Light. At the time, I thought it was very high class. When we were in college, spending the extra coin on Bud Light was real treat. After a couple of years my roommates curiosity and tastes starting to change, we tried some ambers, a few IPA’s, and then eventually Guinness, the darkest of all beers. Then, the day came when we started tasting wine, and boy was it cheap wine! Finally, after graduating and getting jobs, we’ve stepped our games up and enjoyed better quality everything.fancy-beer

Wine Vs. Beer: Let the Fight Begin

Wine is normally known as a much swankier drink, but it’s becoming much more common and the feeling of rarity is leaving. It’s not as special of a drink as it used to be. And beer companies are continuing in full force to offer different varieties and high quality crafts to meet the growing demands of the consumer.

Fancy Beers

Darker beers seem to be viewed as high quality and “fancier” but there are some light beers which stella-artoisalso seem to make the quality list, like Stella for example! I never even new much about Stella until I moved to California, but out here it seems like it’s the go-to light beer. If you order a Bud Light here, people might think you’re a hillbilly haha.

infinium-sam-adamsFor light beers, I even found a Samuel Adams Infinium which is a champagne-like ale made from a custom blend of two-row malted barley, malted spring white wheat, and malted oats. Although I haven’t tried this one myself, it looks pretty delicious!

Does pricier beer means it’s fancier? Well, kinda. The price point of alcohol is pretty much exactly related to quality. Yes, some brands can fetch a little more than other because of the name, but quality beer, much like quality wine, comes at a slightly higher premium.

Popularity Contest

It seems like in the contest between beer and wine, beer has been a longtime winner, but wine is quickly closing the gap, especially over the past decade. I think the time has easily come to start pairing quality beers with your dinners, matching up flavor profiles for greater dining experiences. Popping open a bottle of wine is great, but there’s nothing better than cracking up a cold beer!

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Well, that was a crazy amount of fun facts, wasn’t it?

Cheers everybody!

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