Having Wine Before Bed – 5 Things You Need to Know!


Glutamine! Wait, what? What the heck is glutamine? Well, it’s an amino acid that your body naturally produces. So what, you might be thinking…Get to the point. Okay, fine. When you drink alcohol of any kind, your body stops/slows the production of glutamine, then when sleeping, your body scrambles to replace the glutamine and ramping up this production causes restless sleep since glutamine is technically a stimulant.

Does this mean you should cut out the nightcap? Well, if you feel tired, groggy, less focused, then DUH, yeah. But once in awhile isn’t a big deal in my opinion. Personally, I LOVE a nightcap, make me feel all comfy, loosey goosey as I fall asleep. Just don’t make it a habit! It’s also worth noting that different people have different experience, a small group might not be effected by a night cap, others possibly extremely effected.


In experiments, drinking alcohol proved to help people fall asleep much faster, not to mention also increase deep sleep during the first part of your sleep cycle.

BUT, during the second part of your sleep, you’ll wake up more often, up to 20 times in a night! By waking up, I’m not talking about getting up, making a snack, going to the bathroom, but rather, waking up and not knowing you were awoken. Leaving your REM cycle. Then, as the alcohol is withdrawing from your body, your REM cycle continues to increase, too much, this can lead to more dreams and nightmares, wearing you out. The next morning, you can feel less rested, irritable, and not as sharp.

Oh and alcohol can swell mucus membranes making the body breath heavier, potentially even snore, leading to interruptions in breathing or potential sleep apnea.

All of these things can add up to poor sleep quality!


Don’t drink. AAHAHHAH. Yeah…right. Not drink? Sorry, I like to live a little. I like to finish my night cap at least an hour before I go to bed and also drink two glasses of water during that hour. It helps me feel better the next morning.

The more sensitive you are to a night cap, the earlier you will have to have to last drink of the night. In extreme cases, you might have to cut yourself off 6 hours before bed! Now, most of us can handle an hour or two before bed so don’t panic.

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