My Quest to Prevent Wine Headaches






For me, drinking wine only has one real downside and that’s feeling a little groggy the next morning with a small headache.

I’ve tried a lot of things to prevent wine headaches

I’ve tried drinking earlier and letting the effects wear off before going to bed, which helped a little, but when going out with friends, you don’t always control the time you are consuming alcohol. I’ve tried drinking a bunch of water before bed. Tried taking vitamins before bed. I tried eating healthy snacks. Tried different types of wines. Organic. Low-sulfate wine. But, the only thing that really seems to have been helpful in any meaningful way is taking a little Glutamine a couple hours before drinking any wine.

L-Glutamine: The Cure?

An a amino acid that I take a supplement of in powder form, mixed with water. It really has zero flavor which is a plus. L-Glutamine-chemical-structureOur body produces it naturally and it is found in many foods like meat, nuts, and plant proteins.

Athletes and body builders typically take this supplement because they will have depleted levels from all the heavy training. But, for the average joe, you will already have adequate levels in your body.

BUT, when you start drinking, the body stops or slows down producing and processing Glutamine, so when you go to sleep and the effects of alcohol wear off, your body goes into hyper drive mode to provide glutamine, a natural stimulant, causing lower quality, restless sleep, which leads to a Glutamine Rebound, a.k.a, feelings of being hungover!

Now, you don’t need a full serving unless you’re doing intense weight lifting work outs, so I only take about 1/4 of the recommended serving size, later in the day, when I know I will be drinking wine that night. So around 250g or less should be plenty. I don’t like to take it too late in the day because I feel like it gives me a bit of energy and I’m not tired enough to go to sleep when I’m ready.

My Routine

For example, if I get off from work around 6:30 PM typically and I’m meeting friends for drinks at 8 PM, then I would have taken some Glutamine between 4-6 PM. Possibly sipping my glass of water with it mixed in over the course of thirty minutes or an hour. It’s best to experiment with yourself to see how many hours before drinking is best to see how your own body reacts.

Here’s the Glutamine that I Bought from Amazon: Optimum Nutrition Glutamine Powder, 1000g

One container lasted me over a year, so it worked out to be a pretty good investment.


But, if you plan on drinking a TON of alcohol in any given night, you might have no way to prevent a hangover the next morning. Binge drinking is never recommended. But, Glutamine might help even lessen those effects to some degree.

From my research, I also found that this supplement helps prevent cravings of alcohol altogether as well, so if you are really trying to cut back but find that you can’t control yourself, then Glutamine is definitely worth a try.

Let me know how it works for you! is dedicated to reviewing all of the wine clubs that are on the market. It can be a great gift for a wine lover or just a fun thing to do for yourself, so take a look at my picks to see the best of the best:

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