Regifting a Bottle of Wine – Is It Ever Okay?


Nothing is more classic of a gift than a nice bottle of wine. But what if you don’t drink? Or it’s just not the type of wine you are into? Well, well, well, you’re a in quite the predicament. Um…well…maybe…you could…ahem…re-gift the wine…YEP, I SAID IT. RE-GIFT!!

If you are thinking about re-gifting a bottle of wine, I say the hell with it! Go for it baby! BUT WAIT. Before you go all crazy passing out regifted bottled of vino, you need to follow a few simple rules so you don’t get caught.

Rule #1

TRIPLE CHECK to make sure the person who gave you the wine isn’t going to be at the party you are going to. It’d be a perfect world if there was no connection between the two people at all.

Rule #2

If it’s a RARE bottle with a unique design or name, tip toe lightly. Most people won’t remember the brand or kind of wine they got you a day later. But if a wine snob buys you a bottle or it’s a very distinguished pink and orange label or something, you are just asking to get caught!wine-gift

Rule #3

SNITCHES GET STITCHES! Haha, always remember, NEVER tell a soul about your re-gifting. Your sneaky present giving chain will surely work its way through the grapevine, right back to your friend or family member.

Rule #4

If the bottle of wine is from a best friend or close family member it’s probably time to just buck up and bite the bullet. Drink that sucker or have people over and pop it open.

And Finally…

Don’t feel bad. Your friend probably didn’t know what to get you and felt obligated to do something so they grabbed a bottle of something at a liquor store on the way to your place!

And if you want to bring a gift, just grab a bottle and drink the whole thing yourself! Not really re-gifting when you think about it that way!


Happy Holidays!

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