Drinking Wine With ICE – The Verdict

And the life long debate continues…can I put ice cubes in my wine? Well, yeah you can, but SHOULD you? Let’s dive into my theory in another Wine Mind blog post!

I like to let my life philosophy and wine philosophy intersect…and what’s my life philosophy? Find what makes you happy and then DO THAT. So, if you enjoy a glass of wine extra cold or enjoy it a little watered down from a melting chuck of frozen water, by all means go for it.

When to Use Ice

Situation. You’re at a dinner party and you’ve polished off all the wine. All you can find is a bottle of white in the cupboard. What do you do? Wait, 45 minutes for it to chill in the fridge? NO WAY! You gotta keep this party going, crack that puppy throw in some ice and drink that vino baby.

Now, in the future, you’ll be more prepared and have that white chilled, but in a pinch, feel free to toss some ice in there. Argentina is known for people enjoying their wine with a lime wedge and some ice and Argentina is one of the premiere wine growing regions in the entire world! Now, you’re telling me that, that many people are getting it wrong? I think not.

Some people are “wine snobs” and shouldn’t be paid much attention to. If you are enjoying a spritzer or sangria, ice is a must, so ignore the haters, they hate us cause they ain’t us haha.

When Not to Use Ice

Alright, so, after all I’ve said above, I DO believe that their are some situations in which ice is not appropriate. If you are drinking an expensive red wine, I truly believe it should be at room temperature, not chilled whatsoever. You really can kill all the flavor and aromas by chilling wine. Here’s an experiment to try, because I think the idea of ice SOUNDS like a tastier option, but I bet it isn’t for most people.

So, pour a glass of wine, then pour a glass over some ice. Wait a minute so the ice has enough time to cool off the wine. Now, take a sip of the iced wine. Then, the non-iced wine. Now, back to the iced wine. If you are like me, the iced wine is like YUCK. It’s just not as good. I know we often relate refreshness of a drink with cooler temperatures, which is why chilling our drinks seems natural, but serving wine ice cold just won’t be as rewarding. Even beer shouldn’t been served out of a cooler full of ice. Promise you it won’t be as good.

Drinking Just to Drink

Alright, this might sound dumb to some of you, but hey, sometimes people just drink to drink. We want to sit back, relax, catch a quick buzz, in that case, it really doesn’t matter so much what I’m drinking, as long as it’s doing the job.

And people, don’t give someone a hard time for putting ice in their three dollar bottle of wine, lol, it’s already sad enough that we bought that cheap of a bottle, don’t rub salt on the wound.

Trying New Things

Sometimes it is fun to try new things. No one wants to drink the same beer, the same wine over and over again for the rest of their life.
So, like the picture to the right, freeze some wine into ice cubes, that way, your drink will get chilled but won’t be diluted by water.

Also, try adding a few berries to the ice cube tray as well for a fun fruity bonus to your drink.

OR, you can even make your own wine sauce for a delicious scoop of ice cream!

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