Wine Access Monthly Club Review – Should You Buy One?

wine-access-monthly-screenshotYou get a few options with this company, let’s dive into your choices! WineAccess offers up two different club options, first is their Quarter Club which comes with three reds and one white. Secondly, they have a Trio of Reds Club which as it’s self-explanatory name suggests, comes with three rclassic_quarteted wines.trio-of-reds

Some of their previous selections include a 2006 Chehalem Pinot Noir Reserve Ribbon Ridge which I did some digging on and found is actually a very highly regarded wine rated over 90 pointed with a very slim only 587 cases produced. I also saw most of their club selection on average rated a 4 out of 5 star user rating from club members which is pretty good, but at this price point, you’d expect a more solid 4.5 rating.

Anyway, let’s dive into the pros and cons of this company and see if their monthly wine club is right for you.


  • In-depth profiles of all the wines you will received, detailing winery, aromas, flavors, etc, about your current shipment. wine-access-monthly-logo
  • Online community of people reviewing the wines and their shipments, creating a real dialogue among fellow monthly clubbers.
  • 1st month is free shipping. Not sure how much it is after that, so double check before ordering.


  • One white wine. If you want more white or an all white club, this one is definitely no for you.
  • Lack of options. No options on all reds or all white, not quarterly shipment option, only monthly shipping available for the Trio of Reds.
  • Price. Hate to say it, but at $100 for the Quartet and $85 for the Trio of Reds, I’m just not falling head over heals for this one. There are better deals to find price-wise and value-wise.
  • If you want to send it as a gift, you have to email them. In this day and age, all that should be an automated checkout process on their website, no emailing back and forth.


Alright, so, people, here ye, here ye, gather round for my final verdict. Although the wine is clearly of relative quality, I’m just not feeling like I’m getting any kind of deal, so I’d probably pass on this club as both a gift and as a club for myself. There are some better bang for your buck options out there that I’d pursue if looking to start an adventure with a wine club.

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