Wine for Breakfast – Rise and Shine — and Wine?

wine-in-coffee-cup-for-breakfastI know a lot of people enjoy a nice mimosa with their late morning brunch, but would about breakfast, is wine a good idea to have with your morning meal?

Rise and Shine…and Wine?

I, myself, have yet to try the rise and shine…and wine, but it does sound like it could be an enjoyable way to start your day. I did drink some beer in the morning on a St. Patrick’s Day in college and I was in bed by 1 PM, haha, but I think I partook in a few too many.

So, I’d recommend a full nights sleep otherwise it might just put you right back into bed within an hour and keep it to only one glass or you may be putting your health at risk or get yourself in some trouble.

Embracing the Trend

Other countries are starting to embrace the trend of drinking a little wine with breakfast, like in London, where a bar named Vinoteca is now open and serving breakfast in the AM. And over the years, Americans have starting drinking more and more wine, following in the traditions of the UK, so maybe this is heading toward the mainstream.

What Wine to Choose

I think opening up any wine you have in stock in your home would probably work, but I think I’d prefer to reach for something like awine-with-breakfast Lambrusco or a rosé, something that is a sweeter wine, which might be a better option than a big bold red that is usually reserved for a dinner time steak.

I think a fresh and fruity white wine is probably also a delicious option as well or maybe just stick with the tried and true mimosa which has been a brunch staple for too many years to count.

If you do decide to have some wine with breakfast, I’d say it’d be most fun with some friends. Maybe host a breakfast or meet up at a cafe or restaurant. Just don’t drink and drive!

If you want to host a wine breakfast party, you’ll need some good wine selections, you should think about trying a wine club which delivers you wine from all around the world and even includes tasting note information. Read more about my favorite clubs in this blog post:

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