Wine Headache — SOLVED

wine-hangover-memeI love drinking wine but the only problem is those headaches the next morning, especially if I have a couple glasses right before bed!

Now, the biggest reason I feel so groggy and headachy the next morning is because your body will stop producing glutamine when consuming alcohol. Then, when you go to bed and your body is sobering up, your system produces excess glutamine that stimulates your body causing you to wake up during the night ruining your REM cycle. You don’t know that you are waking up but you are 5 times, 10 times, even 15 times throughout the


So, before a night of drinking wine or drinking anything for that matter, I have a glutamine supplement powder that I mix with water and drink down. I don’t take a lot, just a normal dose a couple hours before drinking and I find it helps a great, great deal. And it’s a relatively inexpensive, widely-available supplement you can get just about anywhere.

And if I do plan on going out or having a few drinks, I also will try to eat healthy, get in a work out if possible, and overall maintain a healthy lifestyle. I like to bounce back the next day and get to work without any lag.


However, I find if I drink a couple of glasses of wine quickly and then hop into bed, I’m probably going to be screwed either way, it’s just not a smart idea. And if you drink more than 2-3 drinks, you might have no option but to deal with a headache and other hangover symptoms. Everything is better in moderation!


Now, if you feel like the glutamine supplement isn’t working for you. There might be a few reasons wine is giving you pain. Some people have claimed sulfites cause headaches, but the research doesn’t seem to prove that at all. BUT a few select people are surely sensitive to sulfites, so if that’s you, or you think it’s you, try out a no sulfite added wine or a low sulfite wine to see if it helps.

Another sad reason could be that you are just sensitive to alcohol. Do you get headaches when you drink beer or liquor? If yes, then you might have to really limit your intake.


Take a minute and Google the recent findings on the two dollar a bottle Charles Shaw. The additives and chemicals in that wine sound horrifying and I recommend you avoid it at all costs. You really do get what you pay for when buying wine. Any 3 or 4 dollar wine is probably best avoided. If you can, try to buy from smaller wineries. You can find really cared for batches at under ten dollars a bottle.


Many wine clubs out there buy in bulk from small wineries to get quality at a discounts. I spent a lot of time drinking wine and a few headaches to review a bunch of wine clubs and narrow it down to my top 5 if you are interested:

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