Wine Wednesday – 4 Things You Need


We’ve started a new tradition at work that I can get behind, called WINE WEDNESDAY! For those of you who don’t know what that is, well, it’s pretty self-explanatory. After work, every Wednesday, we get some wine and some cheese, maybe even a little popcorn and unwind from the work week!

The point of a Wine Wednesday is socialize with co-workers and friends, relax after a long day, and most importantly to try new wines!


Ah, the wine. For me, I like a red, but I think it can be fun to have both a red AND a white so you can really try both sides of the spectrum. One of these easiest ways to get a variety of wines from all over the world to try every week would be by joining a wine club. I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorites that I’ve tried over the past few years, which you can look at here:

chateau-haut-peyrillat-wineI just received a shipment from the Global Wine Cellars Wine Club which was a 2010 Chateau Haut-Peyrillat Medoc. A delicious French wine that had bold dark fruit flavors with hints of cigar box.

I paired it up with this spicy cheese I got from Trader Joes. So delicious. Speaking of cheese. Nothing makes Wine Wednesday special like some cheese!


And don’t forget the crackers too! Cheese just makes everything taste better, am I right? For white wine fans, I’d go with a tasty Brie cheese or maybe a Taleggio but it’s dealers choice of course.

For a bottle of red, a Gruyere or Gouda tops my list. Maybe even some Gorgonzola. It’s fun to mix it up, see what really speaks to you. Trader Joes has some fun cheese options at good prices, but you can also find a wide variety at just about any local supermarket.


I don’t care if it’s co-workers, friends, spouse, or maybe even a stranger, Wine Wednesday is best sharedco-workers-drinking-wine with people. Now, can you crack open a bottle yourself? Sure! I love putting on some Orange is the New Black and cracking some wine. That actually sounds like a pretty amazing night, or even a weekend event.

But being social and discussing something other than work and what you have to do the next day is what life is all about. We’re all in this together!


wine-partyYou can never have enough wine! Always keep a couple back up bottles on reserve in case the party grows in size or the fun and good times keep on going.

Don’t keep Wine Wednesday parties to yourself either. Invite others, even people you don’t know well. You never know what friendships are to be had.

Oh and hey, when you’re weekly event gets to a grand scale, don’t forget to invite me!

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