Favorite Wine GIFS of 2017

You got to start the year off right with some fresh new wine GIFS! These are some my the most recent favorites I’ve found! And that be it for now!  My favorite wine is red wine and if you want to try some cool new reds, try signing up... Read more

5 Wine New Year’s Resolutions

The new year is upon us and, I for one, hope that 2017 is going to be a great year. But whatever happens, I know I will be clinging to a bottle of wine during the downtimes. So, here’s my five top tips for wine related New Year’s... Read more

10 Funniest Wine Video Clips

Sometimes, when you are having a tough day or week, you just need to watch some funny videos, so I assembled some of the top funny wine videos I’ve found for those wine lovers out there! 1. Election getting you down? Watch this! Wine... Read more

My Quest to Prevent Wine Headaches

        For me, drinking wine only has one real downside and that’s feeling a little groggy the next morning with a small headache. I’ve tried a lot of things to prevent wine headaches I’ve tried drinking... Read more

Wine and Pokemon Go!

Wine and Pokemon. What do those two have in common you might ask? Well, like everyone else in the world, I’ve been playing a lot of Pokemon, but of course, I need to find some time to drink my wine! The good news is…there are a lot... Read more

A Super Dirty Wine Poem

My first dirty wine poem got a lot of views, so now I know a lot of you filthy minded people are out these, so I guess it’s time for another one! Enjoy this second original poem full of cursing and raunch. Some days can just suck There... Read more

Funny Wine GIFS and Jokes

Listen, we all love wine. Whether you are alone watching some Scandal or you are out with friends, popping open a bottle can help give you wind down from your busy life and relax. Sometimes I plan my entire day around when I can get home and... Read more

Funniest Wine GIF’s

Sometimes there is just nothing better to get you through a tough day then a super great wine GIF to share with friends and dream of when you can get off work and go grab yourself a glass or five. And if you are looking for the best wine from... Read more

Leaving Wine Uncorked Overnight

Many people have wondered if leaving a bottle of wine sitting out overnight without a cork is going to get them sick or be bad for them. Well, here’s the answer! Drinking wine after letting sit out is NOT bad for you! Most wines will... Read more

A Dirty Wine Poem

Ah, so you are here for a dirty, raunchy, nasty wine poem, you sick freak, I CAUGHT YOU. Just kidding. Here’s an original poem written by myself. Not safe for children! Wine is for drinking. Never an empty glass. Numb the brain from... Read more

Wine Headache — SOLVED

I love drinking wine but the only problem is those headaches the next morning, especially if I have a couple glasses right before bed! Now, the biggest reason I feel so groggy and headachy the next morning is because your body will stop... Read more